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Please select a service to make a booking.

15 minute Reading

This is best for those that have 1 or 2 questions.

(15 minutes)
$ 25.00

30 Minute Reading

This is best for those that would like to hear a message. 15 minutes will be spent with Sienna, the Oracle and 15 minutes you can ask anything you would like. This service is the most Popular- and if you’ve been referred this is more than likely the service you referred to.

(30 minutes)
$ 45.00

1 Hour Reading

Are you ready to have your life change?! Spend 30-45 mins with Sienna the Oracle as she shares personal insights on who you are and what Spirit share with her. The remaining time is for you to have questions and journal.

(1 hour)
$ 75.00

1 Hour Consultation

Are you uncertain of what you may need? Do you need help and don’t know where to begin? Are you looking for Intuitive Insight with practical application? This service is for you!

(1 hour)
$ 80.00 IconPowered by